Are you a mustard lover?

Discover the Ábel Mustard,
which with its sweet, spicy and vulpine flavour
is a real Szekler originality.

The legend turned into flavour

The Eszter Transylvanian Mustard
with its strong, characteristic flavour
evokes the heroine of the Gyilkos-lake’s legend.

Why? How? What?

We steadfastly believe in the values of our traditions, culture and environment, so with love we created our Ábel and Eszter artisan mustards based on our family recipe, ground with stone, in the heart of Transylvania, at Küküllőkeményfalva.

Why are they specific?

Local mustard seeds

They are made by locally grew, selected white and brown Csíkborzsova mustard seeds (sinapis alba and brassica juncea)

With home-born spices

One of the secrets of our recipes are the freshly ground, selected, locally specific spices.

With altruistic people

We believe that products have souls, so we create with the help of local people who are willing to make sacrifices.

Sweet and vulpine, like Ábel of Tamási Áron’s novelle

Our Ábel Szekler Mustard is a unique tasting, real Szekler originality, that we created with the aim of preserving our traditions, hoping that our Szekler gastronomic customs and culture will live on…

Bonding to culture

The creation of the Szekler mustard has been inspired by Tamási Áron’s novel: Ábel

The respect of our traditions

With the propagation of the Ábel we take part in the preservation of the traditions of Szeklerland.

Healthy food

The Szekler man likes if his food is healthy. This is what we respect.

Szekler gastronomy

The Szekler cuisine is ingenious, clean and delicious like the Ábel.

The love for the homeland

The hero of Tamási’s novel nurtured deep love for the homeland, just like we do.

The world of the Szekler village

It trustworthily reflects the feelings and custom-world of the people living here.

It is strong, characteristic like the Eszter of the Gyilkos-lake’s legend

The Gyilkos-lake’s legend’s Fazakas Eszter inspired this characteristic creation, evoking the Transylvanian pine-forests, clear watered creeks and untouched landscapes in its every inch. Its properties are the following…

Healthy topsoil

It was made out of mustard seeds grown in chemical-free soil, which can be found in the Csík basin.

The spices of a pine-forest

We bamboozle Eszter’s venomous tongue with aromatic and healing spices grown in Transylvania’s wonderful pine-forests and the fields laying beneath them.

Hargita spring-water

Eszter is produced with the fresh spring-water plashing at the foot of the Hargita mountain (filtered, of course)

Filled with minerals

Eszter’s characteristic taste is also defined by the minerals of the Dézs and the Parajd salt.

Mountain air

While producing the food, it matters if it is made at the foot of the mountain or in an environment filled with petrol vapour.


In our regions lives the Transylvanian brown bear, the strength of which rivals with the Eszter’s relish.

Both products are:



Glucose-fructose syrup free


Natural products

Paleo products

For Us Creation Is a Family Tradition

A grandma with entrepreneurial spirit

She was the one, who with an age-defying spirited way managed a family farm, where the traditional and special flavours dominated.

A mother establishing an actual family firm

…who gave a form and an official status to that approach, which is based on the preservation and nursing of the tradition, culture and health.

The son, the representative of the new generation

…who carries on the family tradition in a form which is appropriate to the age of our days and is worked out in its details too in the reflection of the requirements of the present and the future.

They say…

„Never mind the cholesterol, smoked bacon with red onions is one of my favourite foods. The problem is, that since I tasted it with the Eszter mustard, I consume twice as more. I am about 100 kilos…but they say, someone who is not as much, that is a Christmas-tree ornament. This mustard is great!”
Bajko Laszlo (guesthouse owner)

Gyergyoszentmiklos, +40 744 691 405

“The Eszter Transylvanian mustard with its strong, characteristic flavour complements the sweet, vulpine Ábel Szekler mustard. It brings me back the memory of the stealthy greased mustard bread slices of my childhood. We became fond of the Eszter, because it not only makes us reminiscence, but its world of flavour is also ours, just like the raw materials of which it is made up.”
Sármási-Bocskai János (radio host)

Marosvásárhely, +40 740 117 208

“It came into view even in the beginning, that the Transylvanian mustards brought by IoliMex represent a different, more delicious, more exciting relish, compared to the popular, Hungarian flavours. On the first fairs, and later on, every appearance the Ábel and the Eszter became a huge success, our customers are looking to this very day for the Authentic Transylvanian Mustard and their producers, who both with their appearance, and with their authenticity raised the standard of our events and of the Hungarian Products.”
Pap Krisztián (founder MI)

Budapest, Magyar Ízek

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