Eszter Transylvanian Mustard


The Eszter Transylvanian Mustard is a strong, characteristic flavoured, ethnical gourmet mustard, that we created out of respect for our natural environment, and out of the treasures offered by it.


The Eszter Transylvanian Mustard is a strong, characteristic flavoured folkish gourmet mustard, that we created out of our respect for the natural treasures of our environment.


The Eszter Transylvanian Mustard carries in its strong character Fazekas Eszter, the heroine of the legend of the Gyilkos-lake, which lies among pine-forests. In its appearance it reflects the mythology of Transylvania, and in its flavour Eszter’s strong character, her poignant speech, and the mysteriousness of the Gyilkos-lake’s legend.


Our Eszter mustard unites the flavours of the Transylvanian spice-world, which endows it with slightly strong and pinching essence, highlighting the greatness of the simple, Transylvanian recipes of the olden days.


The Eszter Transylvanian mustard was made out of preservative free mustard seeds, grown in Transylvania, using natural, natural-like aromas and spices, which harmonically uniting create the product’s unique, strong characteristic flavour.

Target customers

No matter how feminine name Eszter is, still, and maybe especially for this, we made it for those men, who like the craggy, harmoniously strong flavours, which are tied to the story of the Gyilkos-lake’s legendary heroine. Namely to all those to whom the Transylvanian gastronomy and the traditions represent a value.


In order to preserve the unique, strong flavour, we packaged the Eszter into jars with love for you. And visually we created the Eszter to reflect Transylvania’s colour scheme and traditional countenance.

Additional information

Packaging type

314ml glass jar


strong, characteristic

Net weight


Suggested storage place

refrigerator, larder

Nutritional value

Protein: 5.6g; carbohydrate: 7.2g; lipid: 5.1g

Energy value

300 kJ / 72 kcal


harghitan spring water, csikborzsovai mustard seeds, transylvanian salt, vinegar, sugar, transylvanian spices, natural aroma, natural dye extracted from carrot (beta carotene).


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